Singapore Media Awards 2015

"We stay camouflaged but we'll pounce when it's the right time."
- Adam Hemming, Managing Director of Zenith Optimedia
"Forever hungry. We are ALWAYS looking out for our prey."
- Patricia Goh, Managing Director of STARCOM
"Best defence is a strong offense."
- Melvin Lim, CEO of Havas
"Thinking is the core part of our DNA."
- Ang Wan Gyn, Managing Director of PHD
"In the relentless pursuit for excellence, we go against the current with a purpose."
- Chloe Neo, Managing Director of OMD
"Brave, we are undaunted by the freedom to fail."
- Pat Lim, Managing Director of IPG Mediabrands
"We don't have to be there with all the fanfare, we prowl in the dark then we pounce!"
- Vivian Yeung, Managing Director of Mediacom
"We evolve rapidly with the changes of the environment. We want to be the first apes to walk down the savannah."
- James Campbell, Head of Planning of Mindshare
"Start by covering the whole jungle then ringing a fence around. As soon as we've done that, we'll spread out and it'll be total domination."
- Desh Balakrishnan, Managing Director of Maxus
"How our agency evolved over time? Well, we are mutants."
- Sharon Soh, Managing Director of MEC

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